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The G2 Genie by Diamond Pacific has been newly revised. The cabbing machine now features a 1/2 horse power Baldor motor. The base board was also upgraded to 1 inch plywood with a protective coating on the top and edges. The machine consist of two Galaxy diamond grinding wheels and four Nova resin sanding wheels. A 5-1/2 inch 14,000 nova disc is mounted at the end for polishing. Being able to work a cabochon from start to finish without having to interchange or swap belt makes for a significant time savings.


The Genie has its own air pump to cool the diamond wheels. Cooling your diamond wheels is as simple as keeping water in your pan and directing the geyser to the wheel being used. This means the Genie is self-contained. No need for a submersible water pump with buckets.


What is in the box:

  • Genie Machine
  • Lamp Assembly
  • 5-1/2" 14,000 nova disc
  • Plastic Cab Rest
  • Owners Manual
  • Sample Bottle of Water Aid
  • Plastic Geyser Base
  • Splash Guards (4 pack)
  • Goggles


Motor1/2 hp
Motor MakeBaldor
Motor RPM1800
Arbor Shaft1"
Wheel Capacity6"

Diamond Pacific G2 Genie

SKU: 0007
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