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Booking & Rates

Eddie White is a certified captain, avid rockhound and fisherman. Having over 20 years of experience on the Yellowstone river, he will do his best, to show you the best time you can have!

For booking please call or email:

(406) 413-1136

Please bring along:

Boots, or prepare to get your feet wet.

Clothes for the intended weather.

Buckets for you treasures.



The weather and water levels can decide when availability is possible. 

April 1st through the beginning of May is the first trips of the year before the water levels go up.

Beginning to mid July is when the water drops. Trips will be ran until it is to cold.


All trips are a minimum of 4 hours. 

Forsyth $30 per hour, per person.

Miles City $35 per hour, per person.

Terry $40 per hour, per person.

Glendive $ 45 per hour person.


*Single persons

Due to the rising costs, single person rates will be as follows:

Forsyth: $40 per hour

Miles City: $45 per hour

Terry: $50 per hour

Glendive: $55 per hour

Trips in Sidney Montana can be offered at $55 per person, per hour.

There has always been an attempt at making this as affordable as possible. With the increase in prices, unfortunately, there had to be slight price increases.

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