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The CABKING-8V1 is a rugged, professional grade 8" diameter diamond wheel grinding and polishing machine for all your cabbing needs. One of the main elements of this machine is the water cooling system.


The CABKING-8V1 has an adjustable, independently controlled drip feed cooling system that drips clean water on the wheels instead of bubbling up dirty water. This system is based on a separate water pump that eliminates costly upkeep of the built-in air pump found on other machines. The water system allows for individual cooling of the wheels and water flow can be controlled from a drip to a stream.


Our simplified drainage system has a hose connected to the rust-free pans so you can drain the dirty pan water without having to constantly pour it out.


Key Features:

  • Durable, direct drive 3/4 HP, 1800RPM motor,
  • 110V Independently controlled drip-feed water cooling system
  • 2 electroplated diamond grinding wheels 8" x 1.5", 80# and 220#
  • 4 resin diamond pre-polishing wheels 8" x 2", 280#,600#,1200#,3000#
  • Full face 8" diamond lap for grinding flats Stainless steel,
  • Removable, independent hoods Rust free,
  • Easy to clean, drip pans


Built in adaptor for polishing or grinding laps on both shafts. Separate 30-watt water pump with on/off foot switch. Water drainage system to eliminate constantly draining drip pans. Built-in light and metal adapters for other types of lamps Removable stone trays and hand rests. Polishing accessory kit (canvas disc, diamond paste, goggles, apron). Versatile shaft which can accept a variety of 1" arbor wheels. Assembly required to attach the motor to the baseboard & mount wheels.


SKU: 0006
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