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  • This model features 3 speed controls and a single MT-14 hopper (12 lb. capacity)  You control the tumbling action with a Mini-Sonic Tumbler, from the gentle processing of opal to the full power processing of agates, jaspers, topaz, etc. Tumble polish baroques, preforms, beads, sea shells, metals, etc., fast and efficiently and without changing the shapes to any measurable degree. You can even tumble polish carvings without wearing away delicate features. 
  • MT-14 feature dial speed controls for selecting the power required to control tumbling action and speed of rotation. 
  • The Mini-Sonic tumblers are not your ordinary vibratory tumblers—the unique action of the Mini-Sonic tumblers is achieved without shafts, belts, pulleys, eccentric weights or even a motor. Without any moving parts to wear out or a motor to burn up, these tumblers will last longer than other small vibratory type tumblers. Hoppers are of cast plastisol and the tumbler housing is made of durable ABS plastic. You get quality materials and workmanship in the Mini-Sonic tumbler 
  • The opening of the MT 14 Hopper measures roughly Width 3 ¾ x  Length13 1/8 x Depth 6 ¼. Please note that each hopper is manually cast, which may result in slight variations.

Mini-Sonic Tumbler -MT14SV (1) 14 lb hoppers

SKU: 0027
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