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The Diamond Pacific heavy-duty tumbler is based on the original Highland Park design well known for its efficiency and long life. This rotary tumbler is ideal for tumble finishing large loads of stone and for light deburring, burnishing, peening, cleaning and finishing metal parts.

Any material, when properly cushioned, can be tumbled with little fear of chipping or breaking. The barrel for the 65T is one piece, molded polypropylene with a neoprene lid gasket. The double pulley drive on the barrel rollers eliminates barrel slippage. Roller shafts are polyurethane covered. Rollers are mounted on heavy duty bronze bearings. Roller bearing barrel guides keep barrels aligned.

Unit includes 1/3 HP motor with three wire cord and switch. Motors are mounted inside the base.

  • Overall Dimensions 28" wide x 13" deep x 24" high
  • Barrel Diameter 15"
  • Barrel Volume 8.5 gallons
  • Approximate weight capacity: 90 lb

California & Michigan subject to sales tax.

Disclaimer: Please note that the weights of rocks and materials are variable, hence the load capacities stated in terms of weight are only approximations and should be used for comparison purposes. A more accurate measure of the barrel's capacity is given in terms of volume. It's crucial to fill your barrel approximately 3/4 full, no matter the type of material, including filler, abrasive, and water. Maintaining this level is essential as a load that deviates from this 3/4 full guideline will not yield the appropriate tumbling action.

65T Heavy Duty Commercial Tumbler

SKU: 0019
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